FISIATRIAITALIANA.IT ritiene indispensabile che i Fisiatri italiani si diano un obiettivo culturale e professionale chiaro e trasparente per il medio futuro, superando incertezze e condizionamenti che lo allontanano da quello che deve invece rappresentare l’unico fine realmente perseguibile : un professionista al passo dei tempi, specialista per le Persone con disabilitá



uems_logoLa definizione europea della Disciplina – Lubiana Marzo 2003

  • “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine is an independent medical specialty concerned with the promotion of physical and cognitive functioning, activities (including behaviour), participation (including quality of life) and modifying personal and environmental factors.
  • It is thus responsible for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation management of people with disabling medical conditions and comorbidity across all ages.
  • Specialists in PRM have a holistic approach to people with acute and chronic conditions, examples of which are musculo-skeletal and neurological disorders, amputations, pelvic organ dysfunction, cardio-respiratory insufficiency and the disability due to chronic pain and cancer.
  • PRM specialists work in various facilities from acute care units to community settings.
  • They use specific diagnostic assessment tools and carry out treatments including pharmacological, physical, technical, educational and vocational interventions.
  • Because of their comprehensive training, they are best placed to be responsible for the activities of multi-professional teams in order to achieve optimal outcomes.”






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